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Mobile LED Display

A mobile LED display means a LED screen installed in a trailer or truck which can move around to realize the great spread of information. As a flexible and effective way , LED display trailer and truck LED screen are widely used at advertising , events and notification. In order to convey important information faster and make commercial advertisement with more influence to the public, we produce two types of mobile LED display: M1 and M2, which are trailer LED display and truck LED display.

Mobile LED Display

What are the features of our trailer LED screen and truck LED screen?

Truck LED display

Firstly, our LED screens of these M1 and M2 series are pretty high quality. We pay much attention to not only the structure, but more the screen itself. Because we do care about the visual effect. This makes us differ from other factories who only have the simple mobile structure but ignore the quality of the screen.

Secondly, we have greatly advantage in the design of LED display trailer and truck LED display. Our trailer LED display is foldable and rotatable, which is easy for setup and makes the trailer more stable, while our truck LED display has splendid structure, like its awesome engine.

Thirdly, as we are always good at LED screen for outdoor, we can also make high resolution rate for our M1 and M2 series, such as P1.9, P2.9, P3, P4. Compared to other factories who only can make P6, we really own advanced technology.

What are related devices for mobile LED displays and how they work?

LED controller

LED Video Processor

The LED video processor is needed to support and deal with different signal inputs, such as HDMI and DP from sending cards and then send them to receiving cards.

LED Controller

The LED controller is responsible for the connection between the PC and the screen. It receives the signal from the PC and transmits it to the screen. It is like a brain in the LED display system.

System connection

Truck and trailer LED display
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