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4K LED display refers to an LED display with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. Its resolution is 4 times than that of a 2K (1920x1080) LED display. With such a high resolution, the audience can be able to see the images and its details clearly. It can provide customers with immersive experience. 4K LED screen is normally used for meeting room, traffic control room, TV studio, shopping mall, hotel reception, etc. As HD LED display needs high resolution, high refresh rate and very stable quality, our small pixel pitch LED display can do these perfectly. The pixel pitches are from P0.7 to P2.5.

4k LED Display

Why SP1?

More Cost-effective and Reliable

SP1 series is the most classic design. Since it was put on the market the screen has captured great attention. The product is hot-selling because of not only cost-effectiveness but also its reliable performance.

HD LED Screen
Narrow Pitch LED Screen

Ultra Light Weight, Thin Screen

Die-casting aluminum design is used in the cabinet and the thickness of cabinet including modules is only 59mm, so each panel weighs only 6.5kgs, which brings much more convenience when we do the installation and transportation. More importantly, it can reduce the pressure of architecture and the risk of collapse.

Seamless Connection

Precise die-casting aluminum cabinet with internal lockers makes the screen bezel free and gapless. Signal cables and power cables are inside the cabinets and its no external cable design brings more stability.

4K LED Screen

Large Viewing Angle

The surface of the screen looks very flat and neat because of high quality plastic mask and the precision of cabinets. Thus the viewing angle can be up to 160°.

Golden Aspect Ratio(16: 9)

When we build a screen with 2k, 4k, 8k or some other resolutions, we can still have a 16:9 screen aspect ratio.

4K LED Screen
Small Pitch LED Display

Five-star Performance

SP1 series was put in market in 2015. The clients rate 5 stars for this item because of its reliable performance and amazing visual effect. The fresh rate is up to 3840Hz and the grayscale is up to 16 bits.

Flexible Installations

SP1 can have several installation ways as follow. 

1)Hanging installation:It can be hung up from the roof.

2)Movable installation: It has wheels and can be moved freely.

3)Wall mounting installation: It can be mounted directly on the wall.

HD LED Display

What’s the difference between LED display and LCD display or LED backlight screen?

Small Pitch LED Screen

LCD display or LED backlight screen adopts backlight technology. LCD itself cannot emit light, and it is controlled by the rotation of the backlight through the liquid crystal. Its lifespan is relatively short. The use scene and screen dimension are also limited, and the performance is not as good as the LED display.

Compared with LCD display or LED backlight display, LED display is more energy saving. Meanwhile, it has easier maintenance, longer lifespan, more saturated colors, higher refresh rate, and larger viewing angle. Moreover, the maintenance cost for LED display is lower than LCD display or LED backlight display when it provides much better performance. Last but not least, HD LED display won't be restricted by size, while LED backlight screen or LCD screen will be.

What equipment do we need for running a 4K LED wall?

4K Control Box

The 4K control box connects the computer and the screen. It receives the signal from the PC and then transmits it to the screen. It is like a brain in the LED display system.

4K Computer

A 4K computer is necessary. The regular 2K computer is not able to drive 4k graphics or videos. If we use a 2K computer to run the 4K LED system, the computer will collapse from time to time.

4K Video Processor

A 4K video processor is also needed. The 4K video processor supports different kinds of signal inputs, such as HDMI, DP, etc. Meanwhile, it also has other video functions such as fade-in and fade-out, mosaic, picture in picture, etc.

4K LED Controller

System connection

System Connection
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