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Banner LED Display

The banner LED displays of our company contain two series: AP1 series and AP2 series. They are also called totem screen, outdoor digital banner,  poster screen or mirror LED screen (indoor type). Since the banner LED screen was launched in 2013, its novel and unique design have been loved by the market. In recent years, the sales have increased year by year, with an average annual sales volume of 7000 square meter. Meanwhile, customers generally praise the product for its high stability, easy operation, and good advertising effect. 

Banner LED display

What are the pixel pitches of our banner LED display and where are they used?

LED poster

The pixel pitches of the AP1 series are P2.9, P3, P4, and P5. This series is used for outdoor advertising in street grocery stores, shopping malls, railway stations, airports, etc. Digital LED banners are usually placed directly on the ground. Some customers will also request to remove the LED screen base and fix the LED screen directly on the lamp pole of the street lamp-lamp pole screen.

The pixel pitches of the AP2 series are P2.5, P3, and P4. This series is used for indoor fixed advertising in hotel lobbies or fashion stores. These digital LED banners are generally placed on the ground or hung on the wall with a hook, like a mirror.

Compared with other companies, what are the advantages of our banner LED display?

Totem LED display

Our advertising LED players are lighter and thinner. The lifespan of our LED player is longer than other LED posters in the market because of its good design and good material . Meanwhile, our advertising LED displays are excellent in heat dissipation, high dustproof, and waterproof grade. So the products are very stable. Also the superior brand power supply is adopted and high quality LED material with excellent PCB design ensures the perfect performance of the digital LED banner.

What's the competitive edge of the LED banner display compared with the LCD banner screen?

The edge of LED screen banner

Lower Maintenance Cost

Once the LCD display is damaged, the entire screen needs to be replaced. For the LED display, the damaged part can be repaired separately. Therefore, the maintenance cost of the LED totem panel is lower.

Better Performance Effect

The advertising LED player is better than the LCD display. The visual effect of the LED display is more vivid. Meanwhile, the color saturation of the LED screen is much better than the LCD display.

Longer Lifespan

The color of the LCD panel will gradually change in 3 years, which will greatly affect the LCD screen’s white balance. However, the LED display can be used properly for more than 8 years.

What do we need to run the LED banner display?

Our digital banner LED display only needs a LED media player card. When the LED controller is connected with the internet, you can access a cloud-base and manage the display content of the LED advertising player anytime anywhere through a mobile phone, laptop, or other devices.

LED controller

System connection

System connection
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