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Media Facades & Transparent LED Display

Media facades are also called curtain LED screen or strip LED display. There are two types of curtain LED screen (thereafter shorted as C1 Pro & C1) in our company. They are often used in central business districts, chain store and billboard, etc. Meanwhile, our transparent LED display sometimes is also used as media facade. However, transparent LED has more functions. Transparent LED display is also called clear LED display which normally used in art exhibition, fancy retail shops, etc. 

Media Facade & Transparent LED Display

What are the features of the C1 and C1 Pro curtain LED display?

First, they are slim and light weight. When they are launched in the market, they enjoy welcome from customers for its compact design and light weight which is easy for transportation and maintenance. Second, excellent heat dissipation. The cabinet is used with wind-pass design. As a result, even without fans and air conditioners, the screen can still work properly in the high temperature of over 50 degree. Third, high transparency. They have high transparency up to 50-70%. The screen won't block the natural light and the people inside the building can still enjoy the outside scenery.

Mesh LED Videowall

What is the property of our T1 series transparent LED display?

Curtain LED display

Easy to Maintain

The screen adopts modular design and the module can be torn down when one of the module is broken instead of taking off the whole cabinet.

Flexible Structure

The cabinet can be made into irregular shapes. Therefore, it is welcome in art exhibition, commercial advertising, etc.

High Brightness

The brightness can be up to 5000 nits which enables the display content to be seen clearly in direct sunlight.

What is the strength of our mesh LED display?

Transparent LED banner & Mesh LED videowall

Economical and Eco-friendly

Because of its wind-pass cabinet design, the screen can be cooled down by natural wind, thus it doesn't require air conditioner, which will save lots of power.

Vivid Visual Effect

All the images look like floating on the building, and the architecture looks more dynamic.

What equipment do we need for running curtain LED display and transparent LED display?

?video processor

Control Box

The control box connects the computer and the screen. It receives the signal from the PC and then transmits it to the screen. It is like a brain in the LED display system. Meanwhile, we also have another type of LED controller, which will work without computer on site. When the LED controller is connected with the internet, you could access a cloud-base and manage the display content of the LED advertising player anytime anywhere through a mobile phone, laptop or other device.

Video Processor

A video processor is sometimes required. The video processor can support different kinds of signal inputs, such as HDMI, DP, etc. Meanwhile, it also has other video functions such as fade-in and fade-out, mosaic, picture in picture, etc.

System connection

media facades and transparent led display
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