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"Mirror" is also an LED display?

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"Mirror" is also an LED display?

At present, the advertising player market is dominated by LCD screens, but with the birth of small-pitch LED screens, the barrier that LED screens are only suitable for long-distance viewing has been broken. In addition, the cost of LED screens is getting lower and lower, and the playback effect is amazing. A new type of media advertising equipment LED mirror screen.

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What is an LED mirror screen?

The LED mirror screen is commonly known as the "static screen", which is evolved from the advertising machine, and also belongs to a subdivision of small-pitch LED display products. The LED mirror screen is a form of switching static pictures in time sequence, and is an LED "mirror screen" that subverts the original dynamic playback and sound image mode. Of course, the LED mirror screen can also play dynamic videos. At present, LED "mirror screens" are quickly entering the commercial display market and replacing some LCD advertising players, becoming a magic weapon for many businesses to create a perfect shopping environment, and also opening up the market for LED displays in the commercial display era.

At present, Premteco has launched the AP series of small-pitch LED advertising machines, that is, LED mirror screens, which are a new type of fashion consumer dynamic advertising information release media, which can support Wi-Fi, CAT5, and can even be remotely controlled via the Internet to achieve centralized Control, scheduled management and multimedia content transmission. Our outdoor digital LED screen uses

good materials, so its gray scale can reach 16 bits, the screen brightness can reach 6000nits, the IP rating can reach IP65, and the refresh rate can reach 3840Hz. Therefore, under the high refresh frequency of the control system, a beautiful dynamic picture and text can be displayed, bringing a novel visual experience. Our outdoor LED display has very good clarity in the sun.

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Advantages of LED mirror advertising screen

1. Lightweight and thin screen, front maintenance, appearance design strives to present high-end atmosphere, fashionable and novel, and the installation method is flexible and changeable. It can meet the installation requirements of multiple application scenarios.

2. The system adopts a zero-setting design, simple and convenient operation, plug-and-play advertising, and intelligent remote monitoring and management through mobile APP, so that everything is under control. Excellent cabinet design provides unlimited possibilities for indoor fixed LED screens. When you put multiple screens together, they behave like a large display. You won't even notice the stitching gap between the screens. The integrity of the pictures and videos played on the screen provides you with an extraordinary visual experience. Therefore, compared with traditional LCD and DLP, it has a larger area and wider viewing angle, so it is more eye-catching and has a stronger visual impact.

3. In the static state, the requirements for color and clarity are more obvious than in the dynamic video. The viewer watches more carefully in the static state, and has its superiority in handling the ink color and ripple at close range.

4. Stability, you can control the static picture to jump in a few seconds, and there will be no phenomenon of fast and slow. There is also stability in the control management system, information release, etc.

5. The display effect is good, the resolution of the LED mirror screen is higher, the effect is more stable, and the brightness is brighter. Even in the case of outdoor direct sunlight, the display content of the display can still be seen clearly.

6. Low maintenance cost, LED mirror screen is not as easy to damage as LCD screen, better performance. When the LCD screen is repaired, the entire screen needs to be replaced, but the repair of the LED screen only needs to replace the damaged module. The repair is faster and more convenient, and the repair cost will be lower.

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LED mirror screen application field

Retail is one of the most important application areas of LED mirror screens. In order to adapt to a variety of different scenarios, our products are made of high-quality materials, simple in structure and sturdy. In addition to indoor retail, LED mirror screens are also rapidly being used in the field of outdoor advertising. Development, whether people are waiting for the traffic green light, perhaps looking for a favorite clothing store, or wandering around to pass the time, the LED mirror advertising screen can successfully attract everyone's attention.

Other areas such as shopping malls, catering industry, product launches, weddings, hotels, airports, luxury stores, chain stores, reception halls, mobile screens, real-time video, catering industry, reception halls, product launches, mobile screens, chain stores, etc. , It is also very suitable for LED mirror screen.

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