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Company Events
  • Advantages of LED display in the field of intelligent transportation

    what are the advantages of LED display used in intelligent transportation compared with other products?

  • "Mirror" is also an LED display?

    A new type of media advertising equipment LED mirror screen.

  • COB--Future Protagonist

    COB technology is becoming more and more popular, what is COB and how it works?

  • How to Judge the Quality of LED Display?

    How to choose high-quality displays? Consumers can judge the display quality from the following aspects.

  • The Future Development Direction of Rental LED Display

    what is the future development direction of the LED display product as a kind of rental product?

  • Why to Develop Outdoor Small-pitch LED Displays?

    Generally speaking, the outdoor screen viewing distance is relatively far, such as 8-24 m or 10-30 m.

  • Some Tips to Choose LED Screens

    Premteco offers advisible suggestions for choosing LED screen and technical guidance

  • Why Does LED Cinema Become More and More Popular?

    Once you use a LED display, you can clearly see that the screen is brighter and the sound is more realistic when watching a movie.

  • Premteco--Not to Be Missed at LED China 2020-Shenzhen

    Premteco LED brought the latest products for rental markets and fixed installations.

  • Transparent LED Display---New Favorite LED Display Medium

    Transparent LED screen is born with the trend and stand out from multitudinous LED display screens

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